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 Title: Honey
 Artist: Magic Man
 Album: Before the Waves
 Plays: 18
Now the days turn into weeks, and we’re just taking turns to speak
And nothing’s clear to me, only that you’re there with honey in your hair

Oh won’t you break me open like the sky at the sunrise
Hear the thunder in this quiet trembling sigh
Hold on to the hand that was there
When you would stare away, as I would lay here
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           ↳ 5 Days To Go

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 Title: Skulls
 Artist: Bastille
 Album: All This Bad Blood
 Plays: 24

When all of our friends are dead and just a memory
And we’re side by side, it’s always been just you and me
For all to see

When our lives are over and all that remains
Are our skulls and bones let’s take it to the grave
And hold me in your arms, hold me in your arms
I’ll be buried here with you
And I’ll hold in these hands all that remains

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In Rock (Japan), April 2008
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Dallon Weekes at Circuito Banco do Brasil (x)

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